VeChain Revolutionizes Billion-Dollar Market with Real-Time Carbon Emissions Tracking

• VeChain has unveiled a new feature on their VechainStats data analytics platform that can track the carbon emissions generated by transactions on the Vechain network.
• The platform provides advanced tools for all on-chain metrics such as transactions, tokens, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and more.
• VeChain is aiming to revolutionize the billion-dollar market with its innovative feature that enables real-time tracking of carbon emissions.

VeChain Introduces Carbon Emission Tracking Feature

VeChain, a leading blockchain project in the industry, has recently unveiled a key feature that is poised to make a name in the industry. Using VechainStats data analytics platform, carbon emissions generated by a transaction on the Vechain network can now be tracked seamlessly. This makes it possible to accurately calculate the carbon cost of any activity in real time.

About VeChainStats

VeChain stats is a leading data analytics and block explorer platform. It provides advanced tools for all on-chain metrics related to VeChain transactions, tokens, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and more. The platform also includes a carbon calculator that can be used to track CO2 emissions associated with using VETs (VechainThor).

The Role Of Steering Committee Voting In Carbon Emission Tracking

In order to use this new feature successfully, VeChain went through multiple rounds of voting among its community members via its Steering Committee. This was done in consultation with DNV GL – an international accredited registrar and classification society for managing risk – and enabled them to build an effective carbon calculator for tracking emissions efficiently.

Sustainability Revolution Through Blockchain Technology

VeChain maintains that tracking carbon emissions is a significant part of its mission to contribute to revolutionizing digital sustainability in the blockchain industry with its cutting edge technology solutions. With this new feature now available on their platform, users can get transparent feedback on how much carbon each transaction generates when using VETs or other assets within their ecosystem.


The unveiling of this new feature further proves VeChains commitment towards achieving digital sustainability through blockchain technology while maintaining transparency between users and developers alike when it comes to understanding environmental impacts related to cryptocurrency usage.