Source Network Partners with Chainlink BUILD to Secure Web3 Decentralization

• Chainlink announced Source Network’s inclusion in the Chainlink BUILD program
• Source Network is a Web3-compatible data management layer, empowering end users with data ownership
• Through the partnership, Source Network seeks to expedite its ecosystem expansion and foster adoption of its decentralized data management framework

Chainlink Announces Source Network’s Inclusion in BUILD Program

Chainlink recently announced that Source Network has joined their Chainlink BUILD initiative. Source Network is a Web3-compatible data management layer that empowers users with data ownership. The partnership seeks to expedite the expansion of their ecosystem and facilitate the adoption of their decentralized data management framework. Leveraging Chainlink’s oracle services, technical assistance and incentives for crypto-economic security will help this process.

Source Network – A Versatile Solution for Data Management

Source Networks originated as a versatile solution for data management within decentralized applications. It allows developers to construct fully decentralized applications while upholding data confidentiality and user ownership. Furthermore, their aspiration extends to confiding the reins of the internet to its originators, emphasizing individuals over authority. This endeavor culminates in an ecosystem centered on user-centric data, marked by operational simplicity. Additionally, It offers individuals the avenue to unleash their creativity and craft revolutionary instruments that redefine the global panorama. This process effectively unlocks the authentic potential inherent in the Web3 paradigm. Its main objective is to enable these developers to establish interconnected apps and devices, grant users authentic data ownership, and safeguard information through cryptography protocols like IPFS & Filecoin .

Benefits from The Partnership

The Source team has steadfastly supported Chainlink and engaged in its groundbreaking ecosystem and community. With heightened backing from Chainlink’s top-tier oracle services, supplementary technical assistance and inventive incentives for crypto-economic security , Source Network’s recognition is poised to accelerate and effectively foster adoption of our decentralized data management infrastructure .

Aims Of The Partnership

The partnership between Chainlink BUILD program & source network aims at bringing power back into individual hands as far as web3 decentralization is concerned , allowing people full control over their own internet usage & enabling them access new innovative tools which have been made available by web3 . This would be done by leveraging chainlinks oracle services , additional support from chainlinks technical team & various incentives provided by them .


In conclusion , this partnership between chain link build program & source network looks promising as it seems like it will bring power back into individual hands as far as web3 decentralization is concerned & also help source network expand its operations with access to secure off chain services & robust endorsement of chainlinks dynamic community .